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Alice Tilton

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This is an author we are always seeking first editions by
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Brief History - Biography

Alice Tilton is actually a pen name used by Phoebe Atwood Taylor who is already featured on this site. The books under this pseudonym all feature the same character, one Leonidas Witherall. There are only eight books and the date range is 1937 to 1947. The first book was actually first published in Britain and was not released in the USA until1972 ! All of the others have American priority. The last title was called The Iron Clew in America and The Iron Hand in the United Kingdom. The books are based in Boston and are of particular interest to fans of bibliomysteries. Witherall is a retired professor and rare book dealer and also an author who writes mystery thrillers himself. This gives the books a great twist particularly so for bibliophiles. Crime fiction is a genre littered with oddball and lesser known pseudonyms, of all of them this is one of the better ones and highly recommended to both readers and collectors alike.
A Sample of Books Wanted

Dead Ernest
The Left Leg
Cold Steel
The Hollow Chest

Every British 1st, later titles VG+ or better
Complete sets or nice runs of later titles

General Requirements
All of the novels on the Collins Crime Club imprint, proofs or original artwork.
Pre 1941 titles without wrapper considered as indeed are jackets sans books.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
Give us a try - you may be very surprised by just how much we can pay.
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Final Word
An obscure pen name for a well known author, not quite as sought after but still very collectable.
An author better known the the American audience though there are a few aficionados this side of the Atlantic.