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Berkeley Gray

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Brief History - Biography

Berkeley Gray, born 1889 to 1965 was an extremely prolific writer. This was just one of the pseudonyms used by Edwy Searles Brooks. As well as several other names he also wrote many of the Sexton Blake stories. The leading serial character is Norman Conquest who appeared in all but one of the books under this name. The first book was published in 1938 and the final Norman Conquest tale was released in 1966. The other important pseudonym in the mystery fiction genre was Victor Gunn and his series character was Bill 'Ironsides' Cromwell who appeared in all the books under this Gunn name. His work is better than one might expect given his prolific nature, though avid readers may spot similarities in plots between the Sexton Blake short stories and later books.
A Sample of Books Wanted

Mr Mortimer Gets the Jitters
Vultures Ltd
Miss Dynamite
Convict 1066
The Case of the Twin Detectives
The Grouser Investigates
Footsteps of Death
Ironsides Smashes Through

Any pre 1942 hardcover firsts
Signed UK first from any period

General Requirements
Books that pre date 1942
Early jackets or ex library copies with nice wrappers.
UK first editions only please.

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Final Word
As well as crime fiction and thrillers the author also wrote juvenile books for boys.
These are largely forgotten today, ironically Sexton Blake remains well known
though few link his name with the author.