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Eliot Reed aka Eric Ambler

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Brief History - Biography

Eliot Reed was a pseudonym used by Eric Ambler. The books were written with Charles Rodda. There were only five in total and the last two were not released in America. The first two 1sts were published first in the US with priority reversing for the third. Ambler was a hugely important and influential author in the spy / thriller genre with his early work being some of the most sought after first editions in genre. So good is the narrative in the primary work that they pretty much overshadow the Eliot Reed series. It is probably fair to say that today interest in these works is confined largely to collectors rather than general readers.
A Sample of Books Wanted

Tender to Moonlight
Charter to Danger
The Maras Affair
Passport to Panic

All publications under this pen name
Especially anything signed by the author

General Requirements
Complete examples in nice collectable condition, jackets or lone books also sought.
Poor copies from libraries that retain their wrappers.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
We\are leading Ambler dealers with clients waiting for titles, consequently serious money paid for the right items.
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Final Word
A pretty much forgotten pseudonym from a very important writer whose influence cannot be underestimated.
Although not as widely read as he once was he does remain a giant amongst collectors and thriller aficionados.