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Ethel Lina White

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Brief History - Biography

Ethel Lina White, born 1887 to 1944, is an author whose work is more familiar to people than they may at first realise. Whilst far from being on the best seller lists her name remains safe due to the book she wrote, The Wheel Spins, better known to most for the classic film adaptation by Alfred Hitchcock The Lady Vanishes. For this reason and also for being on the publisher imprint Collins Crime Club the author retains some collectability today. Some very attractive dust jacket artwork also boosts the desirability for collectors. Her mystery fiction work ran steadily from 1931 to 1962. There are also some alternative titles for American editions and readers should be aware that some later paperbacks were also retitled.
A Sample of Books Wanted

The Third Eye
Midnight House
Fear Stalks the Village
While She Sleeps

All books issued before 1945, British editions only
Author signed books

General Requirements

Any 1sts within the 1931 to 1945 date range or complete runs
The earlier titles sans jacket or indeed pre 1940 wrappers without books.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
We can pay surprisingly high prices for choice early items.
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Final Word
A mid-division Golden Age writer who is better known for the films of her work as opposed to the work itself.
Mystery fiction collectors are drawn, arguably, more by the her British publisher rather than the author.
Still a solid writer and worthy of greater attention.