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Francis Durbridge

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We constantly require fine and rare Francis Durbridge books
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Brief History - Biography

Francis Durbridge had two main series characters, Paul Temple and Tim Frazer. Paul Temple became quite popular thanks largely to a successful television series and before that a popular series of radio broadcasts that began in the 1930s. As well as writing crime and mystery thrillers the author also enjoyed several notable successes writing stage plays. Although not as prominent with readers as he once perhaps was, the books do still have a niche market with collectors. This is something of a shame as the books are well written and plotted with good characters and settings - they are certainly deserving of continued success.
A Sample of Books Wanted

Send for Paul Temple
News of Paul Temple
The World of Tim Frazer

Complete or near complete runs
Fine copies of any of the earlier titles

Anything signed by the author

General Requirements
Pre 1945 books with or without jackets
The above books ex libris if dustwrappers are still present, indeed jackets on their own.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
We are confident of offering the best prices for choice items we seek.
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Final Word
The author's actual books have been overshadowed in the publics eyes by the success of the radio
and television series. This is a shame as the books are infinitely better. That said the author himself
has actually transferred some of the media serials to the written page as opposed to the other way round.
Either way, a good solid author and well worth a try if you have not yet read any of his work.