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Francis Grierson

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Brief History - Biography

Francis D Grierson, born 1888 and passed away in 1972, he wrote numerous mystery thriller books. He created several series characters who featured throughout his work. Amongst these are Superintendent Andrew Ash, Detective Inspector George Muir, Richard Furling and Commisaire Patras. This is another of those sad cases were this is the full extent of our background information on this author. Granted he is perhaps not the best known crime fiction writer but he still remains of interest to Golden Age collectors and those interested in period dust jacket artwork. .
A Sample of Books Wanted

The Zoo Murder
The Jackdaw Mystery
The Coward's Club
The Mysterious Mademoiselle
Secret Judges

All British 1sts pre 1940
Autographed or manuscript items

General Requirements
All British published hardcover titles that pre date 1940
Nice dust jackets that meet the above criteria but may not have books.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
As one of the world's leading crime fiction dealers we do pay the highest prices.
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Final Word
All but forgotten by everyone but mystery fiction collectors he was a solid and reliable author.
Much of the present interest lies in period jacket artwork which is a shame.
He did create some interesting series characters and some solid plotting.