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GDH and M Cole

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These wants are permanent lists and all urgently required books
UK first editions please - if you have anything of interest - please do Contact Us


Brief History - Biography

GDH and M Cole were a husband and wife team and both jointly and individually had a prodigious output. Ironically we do not seek the work they are best known for but rather that which even they themselves considered to be of little or no importance. The remain best known for their political works and beliefs. We're more interested in Everard Blatchington, Dr Benjamin Tancred and Superintendent Wilson though! Their crime and mystery fiction work is of great interest to us, even though they are perhaps not regarded as being in the premier league of detective fiction writers. Whilst all but forgotten by mystery readers today they remain known amongst collectors and some readers.
A Sample of Books Wanted

The Brooklyn Murders
The Man from the River
Dead Man's Watch
The Affair at Aliquid
Last Will and Testament
Greek Tragedy

Any English firsts that predate 1942
Also collections or runs in very nice condition

Signed copies from any period may also be of interest

General Requirements
All of the early books, ex library with jackets also considered
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
As we are genuinely seeking these books we are paying the best prices for them.
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Final Word
The Coles will never be mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Agatha Christie or John Dickson Carr et al but
neither will many of the other authors from the Golden Age and wartime period. Perhaps the books should be
judged for what they were meant to be rather than viewed as mystery literature. .