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Georges Simenon

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Brief History - Biography

Georges Simenon was the legendary French crime fiction writer with a notoriously prodigious out, both in terms of writing and his personal life! His main series character needs no introduction, Maigret remains one of the genres leading sleuths right up there amongst the big guns. The books started in 1932 and continued at a considerable rate for many years. The bibliography is a nightmare, titles translated from French to English, priority being switched continually between the English and US editions. It is also worth pointing out that there are several alternative titles and also subsequent reissues using different titles. Outside of France there is reduced interest in the original French 1st editions, British and American publications being more desirable. The huge number of books means an in-depth study is not possible on this page but specialist sites do provide a complete bibliography.
A Sample of Books Wanted

Introducing Inspector Maigret
Maigret to the Rescue
The Triumph of Inspector Maigret
Maigret and M L'Abbe
Maigret Abroad

Generally we prefer the earlier pre 1945 titles
Although nice copies and collections are also of interest
Any signed first editions

General Requirements

All of the books within the stated range, complete or substantial collections
Early books sans wrapper or vice versa - if in doubt drop us a line.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
We have seriously specialized in Simenon for many years - so we do pay very well indeed.
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Final Word
One of the genres most important and best known authors.
Hugely prolific and popular, readers may be slightly less enthused as they once were but collector interest remains high.
We have supplied some of the finest and rarest examples over the years - so always require quality stock.