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Gladys Mitchell

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Brief History - Biography

Gladys Mitchell, who also wrote as Malcolm Torrie, was born in England 19 April 1901 and remains, still to this day, one of the most important female crime fiction writers. She stands up there with Agatha Christie and Dorothy L Sayers in terms of quality writing. Mrs Beatrice Lestrange Bradley was the returning heroine who appeared in all the books. A superb creation who remains as fresh today as when she first appeared. 1929 saw the publication of the first novel, Speedy Death, and they continued at a prodigious rate for years to come. Some may say that some of her work got a little eccentric with the introduction of witchcraft and suchlike, this, in our opinion only added to her uniqueness. After all there was plenty of standard country house mysteries being churned out at the time. Under the name Malcolm Torrie she used the character Timothy Herring in all the stories. Her least known pen name wasStephen Hockaby and she wrote only five novels under the name all published between 1933 to 1939.
A Sample of Books Wanted

Speedy Death
The Saltmarsh Murders
Come Away, Death
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The Longer Bodies
Heavy as Lead
Marsh Hay
Gabriel's Hold
Grand Master

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Final Word
A leading light in the genre and someone who has carried her popularity over to a new generation.
Although not quite as famous as Christie and Sayers, her influence on the genre should not be forgotten.