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Harry Patterson aka Jack Higgins

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Any titles by this author are always urgently required
UK first editions please - if you have anything of interest - please do Contact Us


Brief History - Biography

Harry Patterson is better known to the world by his other pen name Jack Higgins. A prolific and international best selling writer whose books have sold in huge numbers all over the world. Born in England in 1929 he had a number of jobs in the educational system before becoming a full-time author. The work under this name is not generally regarded to be as good as some of his other work but is still well above the standard pot boilers one sees so often in the thriller genre. The best known of these works is probably To Catch a King which was published in 1979. Only one character makes a return, Nick Miller, who appears in two of the publications.
A Sample of Books Wanted

The Thousand Faces of Night
Thunder at  Noon
Pay the Devil
Brought in Dead
The Dark Side of the Island

All of the books published by John Long
Any 1sts that have been signed by the author

General Requirements
All books released before 1972, i.e. those on John Long.
We also seek former public library copies, jackets and VG+ or better unjacketed 1sts.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
We do specialize in this pseudonym therefore can pay the very highest prices.
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Final Word
A slightly obscure pen name used by one of the world's best known thriller writers.
We are very active in this particular market and consider buying almost any hardback firsts.
If in doubt just drop us a line - you may be pleasantly surprised.