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Henry Holt

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Brief History - Biography

Henry Holt started his career as a wordsmith by becoming a reporter. Eventually he graduated to becoming a professional novelist. His first mystery novel was published in 1929 by Harrap and his output continued steadily until 1961 when Robert Hale published Don't Shoot Darling. He had two repeat characters, Inspector Silver and Mike Logan, both good solid creations. American readers should be aware that several of the books were published with different titles to those in the United Kingdom. The Collins Crime Club era produced some fabulous dust jackets to adorn the author's work. The artwork and this publisher holds most of the author's current collectability. This is a shame as we have always felt the author deserves greater recognition today. He was certainly every bit as good as many who remain better known.
A Sample of Books Wanted

The Ace of Spades
Calling All Cars
The Mayfair Mystery
Murder at the Bookstall
There Has Been a Murder

Any British hardback firsts published before 1943
Any signed 1sts

General Requirements
All of the early novels in original covers
We occasionally buy jackets on there own, so please do quote.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
We have long specialized in mystery fiction so pay very well indeed.
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Final Word
Once again a recurring theme of an author largely forgotten today, always unfortunate>
The internet has helped keep some of these authors known thanks to readily accessible information.
We too like to do our bit and provide some information as well as look to buy.