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John Creasey

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We seek all early books by this author under any of his names
UK 1sts only please - sadly no US editions - please do Contact Us


Brief History - Biography

John Creasey had an incredible output under numerous pseudonyms. Born in England in 1908, he turned to writing after various office and clerical jobs. The author viewed writing as a full time job and wrote all day, every day. His canon of work is truly incredible, even if it is all accounted for, we suspect there is bound to be more. His most popular series character was The Right Hon Richard Rollison aka The Toff - followed by Scotland Yard man Roger West. It is also worth mentioning the Department Z novels and Dr Palfrey as well. Perhaps not the criminous giants of Hercule Poirot and Lord Peter Wimsey but solid non the less.

Some of his pseudonyms we also seek
M.E. Cooke, Michael Halliday, Peter Manton, Anthony Morton, Gordon Ashe.

A Sample of Books Wanted

Seven Times Seven
The Terror Trap
The Black Heart
The Moat Farm Mystery
Four Find Adventure
Two Meet Trouble
The Greyvale School Mystery
Meet the Baron

Any pre 1943 crime fiction titles under any pen name
Large collections also sought

Any signed UK first editions

General Requirements
Fine copies of early titles without jackets - also early jackets without books
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
As we are genuinely seeking these books we are paying the best prices for them.
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Final Word
The author wrote in excess of 500 books so it shouldn't be surprising that quality varied wildly.
The main series characters were kept pretty solid and it has to be said his ability to keep coming
up with ideas and plot lines was remarkable.