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John Ferguson

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We have permanent wants lists for John Ferguson books
British first editions please - please do Contact Us


Brief History - Biography

John Ferguson, born 1873, is a mystery author in more ways than one. We are in the dark as to his background and anything of great interest. His series character is Francis MacNab and there were eleven crime fiction titles published all of which saw both English and American editions. The Grouse Moor Mystery was published as The Grouse Moor Murder, otherwise there are no alternative titles. .
A Sample of Books Wanted

Death Comes to Perigord
The Man in the Dark
Night in Glengyle
Stealthy Terror

All of the authors British first editions

Original dustwrapper artwork

General Requirements
All books published between 1918 to 1942
Nice jackets without books or near fine to copies of books sans dust covers.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
We can pay very high prices, especially for Collins Crime Club titles.
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Final Word
Once again we are looking to buy books by an author most people would never have heard of.
The main interest , being brutally honest, lies in the dust jacket artwork.
As with so many authors, if they had plain jackets they would be of little or no interest to collectors.