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Leonard Gribble

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Brief History - Biography

Leonard Gribble was yet another prolific author who also wrote under several pseudonyms. Born in 1908 he had one leading character, Superintendent Anthony Slade. Despite his volumous output he probably remains best known for his football based mysteries, namely The Arsenal Stadium Mystery and They Kidnapped Stanley Matthews. The soccer connection makes them doubly collectable. His other work included Westerns under the name Landon Grant and a large number of non-fiction, compilations and editorial work. The residual interest today though remains almost entirely with his mystery fiction. Critically speaking, some of his work may seem a little flat by today's standards, or indeed when compared to some of his better known peers. That said, his series character was solid and popular, his writing style leant more toward an escapist nature rather than strict whodunit formula.
A Sample of Books Wanted

The Case of the Marsden Rubies
The Stolen Home Secretary
Yellow Bungalow Mystery
Tragedy in E Flat
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery
They Kidnapped Stanley Matthews
Tragedy at Draythorpe - as Leo Grex
The Lonely Inn Mystery - as Leo Grex

UK pre 1940 crime fiction first editions
Signed books or anything of a football ephemeral nature

General Requirements
Crime fiction hardbacks, pre 1940 in original dust jacket
Early jackets sans book or ex public library copies with nice wrappers.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
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Final Word
A strong football connection has ensured this writers legacy beyond the scope of the mystery collector.
Some solid period cover artwork on his dust jackets continues to sell his books, just as they did on publication.