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Leslie Ford - David Frome

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Brief History - Biography

Leslie Ford, real name Zenith Brown born 8 December 1898, was born and raised in America, working in the educational system until becoming a full-time writer. She was a prolific author who also wrote under the names of David Frome and Brenda Conrad. Under her own name the main series characters were Lieutenant Joseph Kelly, Grace Latham and Colonel John Primrose. Under the David Frome name they were Major Gregory Lewis and Evan Pinkerton.
The first mystery fiction title was published under the name David Frome in 1929. The Murder of an Old Man was published in London by Methuen and the final title under this name published in 1951. The first books as LF came out in 1931. It saw American publication first as The Sound of Footsteps when published by Doubleday. The English edition was called Footsteps on the Stairs and published by Gollancz in the same year.
A Sample of Books Wanted

The Simple Way of Poison
The Town Cried Murder
Road to Folly
The Capital Crime
The The Hammersmith Murders
The By-Pass Murder

Anything pre 1945

Runs of post 1945 titles in lovely condition

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Final Word
This author is regarded by most as one of the top female writers of the period. Despite the fact her greatest
base of readers is in America her UK fan base remains strong, especially among collectors of first editions.
Overall a solid period author with an impressive canon of work which benefited from some superb cover artwork.