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Lynn Brock

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Brief History - Biography

Lynn Brock was born in Ireland in 1877 and died 1943. His real name was Alister McAllister, he did use another pseudonym as well, namely Anthony Wharton. His main series character was Colonel Gore, Warwick Gore was ably assisted by Sergeant Venn. His writing style leans towards the more complex plotting, whilst satisfying in as much as they give the reader something to think about, he sometimes pushes the limits of Ronald Knox's 10 Commandments. .
A Sample of Books Wanted

The Deductions of Colonel Gore
The Slip Carriage Mystery
The Silver Sickle Case

Every title written by this author is of interest.
Exceptionally nice unjacketed copies of early books also

General Requirement
If you ANY English first editions by this author we are potentially interested in purchasing.
UK first editions only please, sadly we do not seek US editions we are afraid.

Payment - Prices Paid
We have clients waiting for the right books so we are able to pay considerable sums for the books we seek.
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Final Word
This is an author that is all but forgotten now and remembered only by aficionados of the genre.
He did create a unique series character and so deserves greater interest - best book ? Probably The Kink.