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Nye Tredgold

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Brief History - Biography

Nye Tredgold was a pseudonym used by the author Nigel Tranter, born 1909 to 2000. Tranter was actually a scholarly historian who specialized in period fiction and enjoyed considerable success with that genre. In recognition of his work he was awarded an OBE. The name Nye Tredgold was used for writing Westerns. The spanned only a short period of time spanning eight years, 1950 to 1958. He did not retain copyright on these books, selling all the rights on publication to his publisher Ward Lock. The total number written was twelve novels and they were well received and still remain of interest to readers and collectors today. Print runs appear to have been relatively small with the majority going straight to public libraries. This makes fine jacketed copies uncommon today
A Sample of Books Wanted

Thirsty Range
Big Corral
Trailing Trouble
Cloven Hooves

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General Requirements

All of the books published by Ward Lock
Former lending library examples or nice condition books sans jacket.
UK first editions only please.

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Final Word
A somewhat obscure pen name used by a well known and collectable writer.
Whilst this is not a genre we normally operate in, we have have a number of collectors actively seeking these books.
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