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Phoebe Atwood Taylor

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We are always interested in  buying books in nice condition by this author
UK first editions please - if you have anything of interest - please do Contact Us


Brief History - Biography

Phoebe Atwood Taylor is one of the genres most important American female writers. Her series character is Asey Mayo who appeared in all of her novels under this name. The first book, The Cape Cod Mystery, was released in 1931 and the final book, Diplomatic corpse, was published in 1951. The books have particular merit in their setting and the superb depictions of everyday life and characters in and around Cape Cod. Unusually, there is also a comedic element never far from the surface, never allowed to overrun the main tale but enough to lend the books an edge and set them very much apart from many of her contemporaries. A very popular author at the time and whilst the decades have seen her popularity decline amongst readers it certainly has not diminished amongst collectors. A new audience could do a great deal worse than acquaint themselves with this authors work.
A Sample of Books Wanted

Sandbar Sinister
Deathblow Hill
Out of Order
Octagon House
Spring Harrowing
The Deadly Sunshade

Any English 1sts pre 1943
Complete sets or nice runs of later titles

General Requirements
All of the first sixteen novels, especially those on Collins Crime Club.
Although we primarily seek jacketed copies we do buy early unjacketed examples in nice condition.
We will also but nice jackets sans books or former lending library copies.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
As one of the world's leading crime fiction dealers we can pay the very highest prices.
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Final Word
A top drawer author who is still very collectable today.
Although more popular in America she does have a strong base in the United Kingdom.
Collectors should be aware the American editions precede the British ones in all cases.