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Rupert Penny

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Brief History - Biography

Rupert Penny was a pseudonym used by Ernest Basil Charles Thornett. His primary character was Inspector Edward Beale who appeared in all of the authors mystery fiction books. His output was relatively meagre running to only eight titles which were released between 1936 and 1941. They were all on the Collins Crime club imprint. It is largely for that reason that the books are keenly sought after by collectors today. Add to that some very effective jacket illustrations and you have desirable collectors items. That is about the extent of our background information on this author, something we'll be happy to do something about if and when new information comes to light.
A Sample of Books Wanted

The Lucky Policeman
Sealed-Room Murder
She Had to Have Gas
Sweet Poison

All of this authors books a permanently wanted
Any ephemeral or signature items

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UK first editions only please.

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Final Word
Another Golden Age writer he is all but unknown today.
A name familiar only to serious crime collectors or Collins Crime Club aficionados.
Whilst not a division one writer his Inspector Edward Beale is a solid period sleuth.