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Please offer UK first editions in dust wrappers. 
First editions in (at least VG+ condition) without dust wrappers.
Ex-library copies in VG+ dust wrappers may also be considered.  STC = State Total Cost


Martin Fallon                                     Midnight Never Comes (Long 1966)          STC
Martin Fallon                                     Dark Side of the Street (Long 1967)          STC
Martin Fallon                                     A Fine Night for Dying (Long 1969)            STC
Ian Fleming                    On Her Majesty�s Secret Service (Pan 1964), UK Paperback First Edition   STC
John Lawton                                      Black Out (Weidenfeld 1995)                      STC
Elmore Leonard                                The Bounty Hunters (Hale 1956)                STC
Elmore Leonard                                The Law at Randado (Hale 1957)                STC
Elmore Leonard                                Escape from Five Shadows (Hale 1957)    STC
Elmore Leonard                                Lawless River (Hale 1959)                           STC
Elmore Leonard                                Hombre (Hale 1961)                                      STC
Elmore Leonard                                The Big Bounce (Hale 1969)                       STC
Elmore Leonard                                Valdez is Coming (Hale 1969)                     STC
John D MacDonald                           Area of Suspicion (Hale 1956)                     STC
John D MacDonald                           Death Trap (Hale 1957)                                STC
John D MacDonald                           Hurricane (Hale 1957)                                  STC
John D MacDonald                           April Evil (Hale 1957)                                    STC
John D MacDonald                           The Price of Murder (Hale 1958)                STC
John D MacDonald                           Soft Touch (Hale 1960)                                STC
John D MacDonald                           Deadly Welcome (Hale 1961)                       STC
John D MacDonald                           One Monday We Killed Them All (Hale 63)  STC   
John D MacDonald                           The Drowner (Hale 1964)                            STC
Harry Patterson                                Sad Wind from the Sea (Long 1959)           STC
Harry Patterson                                Cry of the Hunter (Long 1960)                    STC
Harry Patterson                                The Thousand Faces of Night (Long 61)  STC
Harry Patterson                                Comes the Dark Stranger (Long 1962)      STC
Harry Patterson                                Hell is Too Crowded (Long 1962)               STC
Harry Patterson                                The Dark Side of the Island (Long 1963)   STC
Harry Patterson                                Thunder at Noon (Long 1964)                     STC
Harry Patterson                                Wrath of the Lion (Long 1964)                    STC
Harry Patterson                                The Graveyard Shift (Long 1965)               STC
Harry Patterson                                The Iron Tiger (Long 1966)                         STC
Harry Patterson                                Brought in Dead (Long 1967)                      STC
Harry Patterson                                Hell is Always Today (Long 1968)               STC
Ruth Rendell                                     From Doon with Death (Long 1964)           STC
Georges Simenon                            Introducing Inspector Maiget (Hurst �33)  STC
Georges Simenon                            Inspector Maigret Investigates (Hurst �34)  STC
Georges Simenon                            The Triumph of Inspector Maigret Hurst �34)  STC
Nye Tredgold                                    Thirsty Range (Ward Lock 1950)                STC
Nye Tredgold                                    Heartbreak Valley (Ward Lock 1950)          STC
Nye Tredgold                                    Big Corral (Ward Lock 1952)                       STC
Nye Tredgold                                    Trail Herd (Ward Lock 1952)                       STC
Nye Tredgold                                    Desert Doublecross (Ward Lock 1953)      STC
Nye Tredgold                                    Cloven Hooves (Ward Lock 1954)              STC
Nye Tredgold                                    Dynamite Trail (Ward Lock 1955)                STC
Nye Tredgold                                    Rancher Renegade (Ward Lock 1956)       STC
Nye Tredgold                                    Trailing Trouble (Ward Lock 1957)             STC
Nye Tredgold                                    Bloodstone Trail (Ward Lock 1958)            STC     

Please do not hesitate to email us if you have anything on the above list - or indeed anything similar

E-mail address: JPRAREBOOK@aol.com


James M Pickard