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Vargo Statten

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Brief History - Biography

Vargo Statten, real name John Russell Fearn, born 1908 to 1960, was an incredibly prolific author. Writing under a huge number of different names. He became something of a legend in the science fiction genre, rightly so given the output. The Statten books began in 1950 and continued for some 5 years but extended to well over 40 publication ! The majority of the writers work appeared in the American Pulp publications. It is hardly surprising that given this amazing output quality was perhaps not of the highest at times. That said that applied to much of the pot-boiler work produced for the pulp market. Analyzing this material for literary merit today is unfair to both the work and the author. By definition this was regarded as throwaway reading at the time. Authors were paid a pittance and the mill churned on. Had people realized just how important and influential the genre would become perhaps things may have been somewhat different in terms of quality.
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Operation Venus
Wanderer of Space
Deadline to Pluto
The Space Warp

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