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Vernon Loder

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Brief History - Biography

Vernon Loder was a pseudonym used by John George Hazlette Vahey (no wonder he used a pen name) who was born in 1881. As well as this name he also used several others including Anthony Lang and John Mowbray. His main series characters were Inspector Brews, Inspector Chace and Donald Cairn. His fist title was released in 1928 and titled The Mystery at Stowe. A steady output ensued but for some unknown reason only a couple of the titles saw American publication, two of those having alternative titles to their English counterparts. .
A Sample of Books Wanted

The Button in the Plate
Death at the Horse Show
Kill in the Ring
The Vase
The Shop Window Murders
A Wolf in the Fold

We seek ANY of the British firsts
Anything signed or of peripheral interest

General Requirements

VG+ to fine copies sans covers, or indeed wrappers that have lost their books.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
We can pay extremely high prices for any Collins Crime Club.
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Final Word
As as happened so often whilst preparing these pages we find ourselves dealing with
an author whose name would be unknown to most mystery readers today.
He was solid though and his work makes good period reading.
Artwork and his publishers have ensured continued interest amongst collectors.