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Virgil Markham

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An obscure author but one we are keen to acquire
UK first editions please - if you have anything of interest - please do Contact Us


Brief History - Biography

Virgil Markham was born in 1899 and had one recurring character, one Myles Busby. He wrote nine mystery novels, the first published in 1926 by Macmillan. Titled The Scamp it also saw an American release on Parsons in the same year. A couple of the books had different titles for their American releases and priority seems to switch between British and US release. As with so many of the more minor Golden Age authors, information about their life outside of their bibliographical details is al but non-existent. .
A Sample of Books Wanted

The Black Door
The Dead are Prowling
The Devil Drives
Song of Doom

Absolutely all the English 1sts
Artwork, proof copies or signature material

General Requirements

Do do also buy dust covers which have lost their books as well as especially nice unjacketed copies.
UK first editions only please.

Payment - Prices Paid
We do have clients waiting for some of this author's work - consequently serious prices paid.
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Final Word
If you've found this page you may well be looking to find out who this author is.
Well, he is all but unknown nowadays, the passage of time having erased readers memory.
He does remain sought after by collectors though - hence our interest.